The highlight of this year's dog frisbee season in the Czech Republic. The 17th championship of the Czech Republic will take place from Friday, September 8th to Sunday September 10th in a well known location 'Nový Svět' in Dvůr Králové nad Labem. The national championship is open again, so we can expect a large and high-quality participation of foreign competitors. Championship titles will traditionally be awarded in four disciplines: Freestyle, SuperPro Toss&Fetch, the Quadruped women and the Quadruped men, and the program will, as usual, be complemented by non-championship additional disciplines Dogdartbee and Parallel TimeTrial. In addition, this year's championship will also be the last part of the DiscDog Brit Cup 2023, so after its end we will not only get to know the new champions of the Czech Republic, but also the winning teams from the prestigious series of freestyle weekends.

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2023 Open Czech DiscDog championship

Same as last years, there is no need to qualify for Czech Championships 2023. Any player who has already started in an open division can participate. It means a start in FS Open, SPTF Open (Division I) and in official The Quadruped in a race held according to USDDN rules.


Also this year, the DiscDog club committee will support the successful competitors during the season so far with discounted entry fees for the Czech Championship.

  • 100 % fee reduction for members of the Czech DiscDog Club
  • 50 % fee reduction for everybody else

    – In freestyle all teams ending up on 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in FS Open at each Brit Cup 2023 event. Reduced fee is not moving down to teams who are not on the podium even if there is someone on the podium who has already got the reduced fee at some previous competition.
    – in SPTF – any team who has got 46 points and more
    – in The Quadruped – the team that achieved performance in the official race in the Czech Republic:

    • women – 60 m and more
    • men – 65 m and more
Fee for members
23 EUR
SMD, Quad
10 EUR
10 EUR
Fee for non-members
33 EUR
SMD, Quad
15 EUR
10 EUR

Payment of the fee is only possible in advance to the account DDK ČR 2200958095/2010 (Fio Bank) VS: 2023.
IBAN: CZ5020100000002200958095

Event additional information:
Dvůr Králové nad Labem, Nový Svět area, GPS: 50.427291,15.821066
8.–10. 9. 2023
DiscDog klub ČR
Entry list:
Deadline for registration:
31. 08. 2023

Do not forget to order a T-shirt:

deadline for order: 31. 8. 2023



* Competitors who start in the championship disciplines have a free T-shirt. Nevertheless, it is necessary to order it and choose the size. Players who do not do so will be without a T-shirt.

The price of an extra t-shirt in free sale is 250 CZK.

Overview of sent orders

You can send your music in MP3 format for Freestyle to us by e-mail:
(name your audio file: first-name-surname-dog.mp3)

Changes in registration send plase to the e-mail:


Dear participants,

Due to the great interest in this year’s MČR, we left the same conditions as last year. For the sake of clarity, we will summarize them to make sure that you have not missed anything

Don’t miss:

  • SPTF – will be divided into Saturday – 1st round (start at 9:00) – and Sunday – 2nd round. In the case that more than 80 teams enter the discipline, a „cut“ will be made. 
  • Freestyle – the first round of freestyle and freestyle TF will take place on Saturday. If +/- as many teams start as there are currently reported, the FS TF will be interspersed with Freestyle – the first half of the starting field will be freestyle first, which will be interspersed with the freestyle mini of the second half of the starting field. After the lunch break, it changes and the first half goes FS TF, the second half goes freestyle. The second freestyle round will take place on Sunday.
  • Quadruped – to assure  competitors have good lighting conditions, Quadruped will start qualifying at 13:00, after that, the groups and last chances will take place first for the women and then for the men. Subsequently, the women’s final and then the men’s final will take place. For organizational reasons, both competitions will take place on only one field.
  • Dogdartbee – was limited to 60 starting teams. In the event that some teams unsubscribe or do not register, we will add teams from the list of substitutes in the order of received applications as the substitutes are listed in the list of entries.


Arrival to the camp is possible from Friday morning from 6 AM. Camping is possible anywhere in the designated area. Please take into account that a camping fee of CZK 100 / person / night will be collected upon registration.


There is a traditional canteen right in the complex. Kaufland can be reached on foot in 5 minutes. Or you can visit some of the restaurants that are close by.

Freestyle judges

Stavit Budin


team judge

Our team judge for this year is Stavit Budin, one of the most experienced and successful players from Israel. 
In dogfrisbee as well as in dog dance, she uses her experience of a former dancer – knowledge in human movement and building choreography. And she has been also performing with her dogs – one for all, Stavit was performing for one year across the States with her border collie Alexa – and she uses also those experience when teaching and judging.
As a competitor she has played at the most prestigious events from the EC to the World Finals. 

Tiziana Solazzo


player judge

Tiziana was lead to dogfrisbee by her famous jack russel Menta. Togehter they became one of the best „bonsai“ teams. Thanks to that she has got a unique way of looking at freestyle, because playing with a small dog has its specifics. In these days Tiziana plays with her two border collies Clatch and Quad. 
Small or big dog, there is always a stylish and well planned player movement in Tiziana’s routines. And that is for sure something she would like to see from our players as well. 

Julia Zaborowska


canine judge

Our canine judge is one of the best concurrent Polish players. Julia started dogfrisbee in 2013 with her best friend, border collie Floyd and they soon devoped their typical style with loads of amazing player stuff. Nowadays she plays with her younger border collie Effect and stretches her imagination even further.

Markéta Urbášková

(the Czech republic)


Execution is going to be done by Markéta, one of a few still active Czech players who started dogfrisbee in the Czech republic. Although she is not freestyling in this season – her Aussie PC has retired this year from freestyle and her new puppy is yet too young – she has competed at the biggest European events and as one of the first Czech players also at the World Finals in USA. 

distance disciplines judges

Pavel Ryttnauer

(the czech republic)

SPTF / the quadruped

Long-time players know Pavel as „that guy with a boxer“, thanks to those years when he was ruling the fields with his former boxer girls Sára and Aura. Contemporary players know him as a king of distance judging. He has been invited to couple of ECs and at Czech Championships he is every year our judge for the champion title distance disciplines. But this year it might be for the last time, as Pavel is now training his new young boxer. So we are sure that from the next year he is going be „that guy with a boxer“ again. 

Nikol Vízková

(the czech republic)

Freestyle Toss & fetch

Freestyle Toss & Fetch will be scored by one of the most experienced Czech judge and also a queen of distance disciplines from Wild West team. Judging at Czech Championships is nothing new for Nikol. However her judging skills are not appreciated only in her home country. In her „CV“, you would find there also judging at couple of ECs. 

Jakub Janik


DogDartbee / Paralel tt

Jakub is a Polish-Czech judge and dogfrisbee player, as he calls himself. He is in the sport since 2014. Since then he became known for his border collie Vigo, who is now a senior disc dog, and a bottle of good beer in his hand. He is a very dedicated judge who strives to be precise and fair.

time schedule




Changes of time schedule is reserved. ​